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A new study from the journal Spine finds that patients with acute low-back pain frequently develop chronic symptoms.

Acute low-back pain can result from lifting something incorrectly or straining ligaments and muscles in the back. It is often characterized as a temporary episode of pain that will resolve itself in under 90 days.

In this new study, researchers worked with 605 acute low-back pain patients. After six months, 13% of patients still had back pain. After two years, 19% had developed chronic symptoms. Even patients without persistent symptoms still experienced occasional episodes of pain.

In another recent study, 73% of patients reported recurring acute low-back pain and the majority said their symptoms worsened with each episode.

This research means that you shouldn’t ignore an episode of back pain, because it might be the beginning of a chronic problem.

Fortunately, studies show that chiropractic is an effective way to prevent back pain from worsening or recurring. Your chiropractor can treat your current episode of pain and help prevent it from becoming a chronic condition.

If you suffer from back pain, call our office today to see if chiropractic can help.


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If you suffer from back pain, we can help. Spine and Beyond has helped a countless number of people in Van Nuys, CA recover from back pain.

There can be many different causes of back pain. Here at Spine and Beyond we first identify the root cause of your pain and then determine the best way to help you recover.

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